The website ''.


Created with Visual Studio in HTML/CSS using JQuery for animation and JavaScript for API integration.


Designed for a family-run business in Birmingham that install, implements and upgrades petroleum pipes and forecourts for fuel suppliers.


The website is connected to a number of social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Direct contact may be made with the business by selecting one of the many means of communication and is monitored by Google Analytics to determine visitor demographics.

The website ''.


Designed with Visual Studio using HTML / CSS and JQuery for animation.


Created for a small business in the Shropshire area, looking to bring in customers through increasing visibility on the Internet.


Contact can be made with the business direct through website links.



The website ''.


Designed with Visual Studio in HTML / CSS using JQuery for animation.


This was designed for a group of local fish and chip restaurants locally situated.


Originally created as part of a student project to demonstrate website design methods, SQL integration and VB.NET programming. Menu items may be amended or added on-line (with authorisation) and customer feedback stored server-side.